TRINITY – In keeping with their corporate purpose, Trinity Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (TRHC) continues to set the Standard in long term care services with the implementation of CureCompanion, on site in-depth telemedicine capabilities for precise diagnosis. With the state-of-the-art telemedicine cart, a doctor can remotely diagnose a patient with precision and confidence.
“We are delighted to once again set the Gold Standard for long term care facilities by providing these amazing real-time medical assessment services to the area,” said Trinity Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (TRHC) owner, Darcy Whatley.
According to CureCompanion, ER visits cost thousands of dollars and more often than not, an after-hours ER visit can be prevented if a doctor is able to talk to and examine the resident.
The telecommunication device allows real-time interaction between the doctor and the resident and also enables the doctor to see examinations using Digital Stethoscope, Exam Camera, Otoscope, Glucometer, Thermometer, Spirometer, Blood Pressure Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, and 12-lead ECG.
The telemedicine devices provide a real-time picture of the resident to the doctor, including sounds of the heart and lungs, as well as HD examination of ear, throat, and skin.
THRC Administrator, Joe Butler said he looks forward to utilizing the many benefits of the telemedicine program at the facility and sees a real benefit not only to the residents but to the community.
Operation of the telemedicine device is relatively easy and consists of the nurse entering the resident’s data and connecting with the doctor. The Doctor remotely examines the resident using telemedicine devices with help from the nurse. Then the Doctor writes prescriptions, lab orders, and notes.
The telemedicine solution enables access to doctors and specialists located remotely and can be used to allow residents to consult doctors over a video call.
Whatley concluded by saying, “Our objective is to be the preferred healthcare provider of choice for the community. Setting the Gold Standard for long term care is our goal, and we look forward to continuing to do that.”
Pillar Stone Healthcare also owns and operates Baywood Crossing Healthcare Center at 5020 Space Center Blvd. Pasadena, Texas.


Trinity Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (TRHC) nurse Roni Parish-Hamner, LVN demonstrates to Pillar Stone Healthcare Company Director of Clinical Services Kim Campbell, RN, RAC-CT, CN-E how the Telemedicine equipment transmits important medical data to a doctor remotely and allows real-time communication between the resident, doctor and nurse.











There is a Medicare “rule” or “qualification” for Skilled Nursing Facility Care that is explained on page 41 in the “Medicare and You 2016” handbook. The following is important information regarding this rule:

1.) Medicare covers semi-private rooms, meals, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, and other services and supplies that are medically necessary after a 3-day minimum medically-necessary inpatient hospital stay for related illness or injury. An inpatient hospital stay begins the day you are formally admitted with a doctor’s order and doesn’t include the day you are discharged. You must stay 3 days past mid-night to qualify.

2.) Until there has been a diagnosis, your loved one may be in “observation” and not formally admitted into an inpatient hospital stay. It is important to check with hospital staff to understand if your loved one has been formally admitted into an inpatient stay.

3.) To qualify for Skilled Nursing, your doctor must certify that you need daily skilled care like intravenous injections, physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

4.) You pay nothing for the first 20 days and a co-pay per day for days 21-100 for a benefit period.

5.) Visit, or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) for more information.


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